"Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk"   -John Wayne

Our Wines


Honey wine is the world's oldest alcoholic drink. Ours was two years in the making. Please enjoy our light, crisp, semi dry wine with a hint of sweetness.

$21.99 bottle / $6 glass
Jünger Berre Bliss

A flavorful blend of grapes, apples, pears and elderberries that imparts a wow to your taste buds.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

Made from our neighbor's pear tree this lightly colored semi-dry wine has a true Bartlett pear flavor.

$15.99 bottle / $6 glass
Sweet Pear

A golden wine, both subtle and sweet, bursting with pear flavors for a soft fruity finish.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass

Hand picked from locally grown persimmons. Slightly Sweet with a velvety butter flavor.

$17.99 bottle / $6 glass

Wonderful blueberry flavors and aromas make this sweet wine completely irresistible.

$15.99 bottle / $6 glass
Black Currant Melomel

Very full-bodied, bursting with dark tart berry flavors and a honey finish at the end.

$21.99 bottle / $6 glass

A blend of three apples, with fresh apple aromas. It's like you bit into a cool, juicy apple plucked straight from the tree

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

A light delicate semi sweet wine with flavors of mangos and a hint of honey.

$13.99 bottle / $6 glass
Dark Waters

We added it all together: apple, elderberry, pear, blackcurrant and even some grape juice for a unique burst of flavors.

$14.99bottle / $5 glass

A sweet luscious wine reminiscent of a lemon shakeup from the County Fair.

$13.99 bottle / $5 glass

Created from ripe raspberries abundant in flavor, this wine ends on both a sweet and tart note.

$15.99 bottle / $6 glass

Aromas and flavors true to the fruit, a crisp clean tart wine with a smooth finish.

$13.99 bottle / $5 glass
Hazelnut Raisin

Sweet butter, praline flavor with a hint of whiskey. Meant for sipping as a rich Dulce wine.

$21.99 bottle / $6 glass

Made with 100% Montmorency cherries for a soft cherry flavor with a hint of spice. Mellowed to perfection for two years.

$14.99 bottle / $6 glass
Mad Mary

Our version of a Bloody Mary. Made with lemon wine, a hint of molasses, vegetable juice, and bold seasonings for a unique flavor.

$10.50 bottle / $6 glass
Rhuby Red

A blend of apples, pears, grapes, and rhubarb that finishes with the traditional sour, tart taste of rhubarb.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

This classic American grape has a sweet full flavor like grandmother's homemade jelly. 

$15.99 bottle / $6 glass

Dry Wines


Made from a relatively little known grape. This crisp wine with floral characteristics has a subtle citrus and pineapple flavor with a slight banana aroma.

$15.99 bottle / $6 glass
Pinot Noir

A light bodied medium dry red wine with very fine tannins, a soft hibiscus aroma, red fruit flavors and a hint of spice.

$25.99 bottle / $6 glass
Pinot Gris

A crisp dry light bodied wine with a hint of fresh ripe apples and pear aromas. The brightness of this wine allows for exceptional food pairings with hor d'oeuvres, seafood, grilled chicken or light pasta. 

$18.99 bottle / $6 glass

This medium red wine is the perfect gateway to dry red wines. Fruity and earthy with soft, smooth tannins. Great on its own but even better with food. Think Tailgates, bonfires, pork, burgers, short ribs or red sauced pasta. 

$19.99 bottle / $6 glass

A great sipping wine with lovely citrus aromas and flavors. A lingering finish with a little tannin astringency that balances out the hint of sweetness.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

Exudes spicy and floral aromas alongside flavors of apricot and honey. It pairs well with rich foods such as roasted meats, portabellas and spicy flavors.

$16.99 bottle / $6 glass
Cabernet Sauvignon

This full bodied dark red wine has strong tannins and acidity that will last on your tongue. A complex rich taste of dark red fruits with a soft woodsy flavor of oak and herbs. The traits of this wine pair well with foods high in fat content, aged cheese or dishes with pleasant savory tastes.

$25.99 bottle / $6 glass


The Right Woman Sangria

Can you guess the flavors in this one? It's Pamela's signature drink. We say nice and sweet with a little bit of tart, just like her. Tim says it's the other way around, her that is. 

Berre Sweet Woman

Made with Junger Berre Bliss wine, a touch of Lemon wine, blood orange juice and red fruit juices then we topped it off with Pina Colada.

Apple Sangria

Our fall harvest apple wine mixed with a blend of grape, lemon, lime, orange, pomegranate and cherry juices. We then added fresh fruit to give you a crisp refreshing treat.

The Other Woman Sangria

We blended Pear wine with blood orange juice and a blend of grape, lemon, lime, pomegranate and cherry juices. 


Wine Slushy
New flavors every week!!
$7 each
Kid's Slushy
New flavors every week!!
$2 each

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