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"Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk"   -John Wayne

Our Wines


Honey wine is the world's oldest alcoholic drink. Ours was two years in the making. Please enjoy our light, crisp, semi-sweet, full bodied wine made from local honey.

$22.99 bottle / $6 glass
Jünger Berre Bliss

A flavorful blend of grapes, apples, pears and elderberries that imparts a wow to your taste buds.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass

Made from our neighbor's pear tree this lightly colored semi-dry wine has a true Bartlett pear flavor.

$16.99 bottle / $6 glass
Sweet Pear

A golden wine, both subtle and sweet, bursting with pear flavors for a soft fruity finish.

$16.99 bottle / $6 glass

Hand picked from locally grown persimmons. Slightly Sweet with a velvety butter flavor.

$18.99 bottle / $6 glass

Wonderful blueberry flavors and aromas make this sweet wine completely irresistible.

$16.99 bottle / $6 glass
Black Currant Melomel

Very full-bodied, bursting with dark tart berry flavors and a honey finish at the end.

$22.99 bottle / $6 glass

A blend of three apples, with fresh apple aromas. It's like you bit into a cool, juicy apple plucked straight from the tree

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass

A light delicate semi sweet wine with flavors of mangos and a hint of honey.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

Made with 100% Montmorency cherries for a soft cherry flavor with a hint of spice. Mellowed to perfection for two years.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass
Rhuby Red

A blend of apples, pears, grapes, and rhubarb that finishes with the traditional sour, tart taste of rhubarb.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass

Our dark burgundy wine is crisp and slightly sweet finishing with a tart plum flavor. Named for Tim, he built this place from the ground up. Not only did he do the plumbing, but the whole building's "plumb".

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass
Peachy Keen

This deliciously sweet wine has a scrumptious flavor. it's the next best thing to biting into a perfectly ripe peach.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass
Dark Waters

We added it all together: apple, elderberry, pear, blackcurrant and even some grape juice for a unique burst of flavors.

$15.99bottle / $5 glass

A sweet luscious wine reminiscent of a lemon shakeup from the County Fair.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass

Created from ripe raspberries abundant in flavor, this wine ends on both a sweet and tart note.


Aromas and flavors true to the fruit, a crisp clean tart wine with a smooth finish.

$14.99 bottle / $5 glass
Hazelnut Raisin

Sweet butter, praline flavor with a hint of whiskey. Meant for sipping as a rich Dulce wine.

$22.99 bottle / $6 glass
Mad Mary

Our version of a Bloody Mary. Made with lemon wine, a hint of molasses, vegetable juice, and bold seasonings for a unique flavor.


This classic American grape has a sweet full flavor like grandmother's homemade jelly. 

$16.99 bottle / $6 glass
Taste of Summer

Apple, pear, and watermelon juices blend together to create a delicious indulgence that will brighten up the cloudiest day and bring a smile to your face.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass
Black Bramble

Made with apples, pears, blackberries, and grapes. This deliciously sweet wine has a smooth blackberry flavor.

$15.99 bottle / $5 glass


Apple Sangria

Our fall harvest apple wine mixed with a blend of grape, orange, pomegranate and cherry juices. We then add fresh fruit to give you a crisp refreshing treat.

$16.50 32oz. bottle / $6 glass
Berry Lemon Colada

A refreshing burst of flavors, the sweetness of the fruit juices is tempered by the tartness of the lemon wine giving it a complex fascinating flavor with just a hint of coconut.

$16.50 32oz. bottle / $6 glass
Mad Mary

Our version of a Bloody Mary. made with lemon wine, a hint of molasses, vegetable juice, and bold seasonings for a unique flavor.

$10.50 16oz. bottle / $6 glass
The Right Woman Sangria

Can you guess the flavors in this one? It's Pamela's signature drink. We say nice and sweet with a little bit of tart, just like her. Tim says it's the other way around, her that is.

$16.50 32oz. bottle / $6 glass
Sly Lady

In honor of Cara our quiet and demure winery dog that with a look can get everyone to come pet her. Light and refreshing with a hint of rhubarb and strawberries. It's good enough you'll want a belly rub.

$16.50 32oz. bottle / $6 glass
The Cocky Rooster Sangria

Tim always says there are too many women sangrias at the winery. Therefore, we have a new drink in honor of THE BOSS. It's just like him, a little salty, a touch of spice, a hint of tomato and well you decide the rest....... Some say is reminds them of our Mad Mary without all the fluff.

$10.50 16oz. bottle / $6 glass


Iced Wine Mocha Latte

This drink has it all, coffee, chocolate and wine! Served over ice cream with whipped cream.

$8 each
Wine Fruit Slushy
$8 each
Kid's Slushy
$2 each

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